Jeweller and designer James A Estergard

When I met jeweller James A Estergard, I had a hunch he’d lived a little. “I got sick of wearing a suit,” he told me. So he made the switch from the world of accounting to accessories.

Today, his favourite figures are 375 and 925, connoting gold and silver respectively. Unlike many jewellers, he’s happy to use both metals in 1 piece of jewellery. Apparently the common aversion to combining the 2 tones comes from the difficulty that arises if a piece goes unsold and its creator wishes to melt it down to make something else. You see, it’s hard to make 2 become 1.

Hats off to James for taking his 1 life and refashioning it 2 ways. I think his successful reinvention makes him a real gem.

His jewellery can also be worn 2 ways. I purchased 1 silver ring, accented by 2 circles of gold (1 nestled inside the band’s silver bars and another positioned at the intersection of the curves of the band).


Silver and gold ring, designed and crafted by James A Estergard

I’ve also got my eye on James’ “spinner” ring that features a 2-sided dome, with silver on 1 side and gold on the other. The design was inspired by ancient Egyptian rings that incorporated a sculptural element on 1 side and flipped to reveal an official seal for stamping…a kind of mobile office.

James prefers an outdoor office too. You can find him and his jewellery at Melbourne’s Southbank market (located next to the Arts Centre) every Sunday from 10am.

James A Estergard at work at Melbourne’s Southbank market

James A Estergard at work at Melbourne’s Southbank market

Have you transitioned from one career to another? Tell me how you did it.

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