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Singer-songwriter Steffi Burns

(Please note: this post was first published in late 2014 after the Problogger Training Event)

The day after the Problogger Training Event I went for a wander and heard an amazing vocal-and-guitar combo that sounded like it was coming out of the speakers of a nearby shop. It wasn’t.

Those rhymthic gymnastics, somehow captivating yet controlled, were courtesy of 17-year-old Steffi Burns. She was putting everything into that pavement performance and lots of tourists, like me, came to a sudden stop to allow her right of way.

At the end of her set, I told her about the conference and asked if I could race back to the hotel, grab my camera and come back to prepare a post. She agreed. She waited. We talked.

Apparently Steffi started singing at six, then taught herself to play guitar and now she’s studying piano the old fashioned way. I was reminded of some of the keynote speakers who talked about the importance of finding your rhythm. Steffi’s not only found hers but she’s constantly tweaking it to meet the exacting standards only real artists demand of themselves.

She’s even got what Pat Flynn would call “raving fans”. In the short time I was photographing her, a shopkeeper approached me to say how stoked he was to have the opportunity to hear her sing so frequently. Next, a young girl came up and proudly reported “I’ve got a guitar too but I left it at home”. Her little tiger-painted face lit up when Steffi took the time to encourage her to keep it up…a bit like yours truly when Mrs Woog and Carly Findlay hit like on one of my Instagram posts. They’re blogging royalty, I reckon. For Steffi, singer-songwriter Passenger wears the crown and she proudly showed me where he’d left a tangible mark on her music.

Passenger, he's made it; Steffi's en route

Passenger, he’s made it; Steffi’s en route

As well as performing, Steffi says she loves the camaraderie of busking. She’s mates with all her fellow street serenaders and they really do look out for each other. Shout out to genius guitarist (and all-round nice guy) James who let us break into his set to take a few more pics.

From my experience at the conference, bloggers share a similar kind of selfless generosity. Until a few days ago, I’d never heard of a “link up party” but thanks to Renee from Mummy, Wife, Me, I’ve just landed my first invitation and can’t wait to RSVP.

For Steffi, her next big challenge is funding an album of acoustic originals. When she eventually hits publish on that post, you can bet those tracks will be on high rotation at my next link up party.


Have you attended a ProBlogger Training Event? I’d love to hear about your key takeaways (and room service).

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