Finding her father



Meet Maxine. Please don’t call her Max or Maxi. That’s what her Mum used to say to her childhood mates who tried to mess with her moniker.

Fast forward a few years and Maxine had laid down a few rules of her own. At 16, she was determined to leave the UK and the little village in which she was born. There was just one wee hurdle. A passport.

She dug up her birth certificate in order to apply for a passport but somehow her Dad’s name was missing. When she quizzed her folks, their response began with “we didn’t know how to tell you” and ended with a 30 year search.

Turns out Maxine’s biological Dad wasn’t the father who had raised her. At 17, Maxine’s Mum had fallen hard for a young solider. Then he left town for a posting, she discovered she was pregnant and Maxine arrived nine months later.

Despite a happy home and loving and loyal parents, Maxine admits to feeling “a bit different”. So when she uncovered her family’s secret, she was determined to find the father who shared her DNA.

Her clues were scant, just a first initial and a surname. For more than three decades she searched the globe for a match. Then a tip off came in the most unlikely happenstance.

By now Maxine was living in Australia but her Mum was still based in the village where she had delivered her daughter. Turns out a family friend had run into her biological Dad at a local celebration.

It unfolded as you might imagine. A tentative email from one side of the globe to another, a nervous flight, a cautious arrival…finally, an embrace. At 48, Maxine had met her maker.

Her fondness for her father is a mighty force. She describes his traits and demeanor as mirroring her own: he’s studious, outgoing, endlessly positive, friendly and adventurous. He’s all the things she is and she is all the things he is – right down to Maxine’s mannerisms. The pair both struggle to sit still. Their feet are always tap, tap, tapping.

Maxine describes it best…”I’ve joined the dots”.

At last, a weight has lifted.

“Now I am complete.”

Tell me, have you been a part of a remarkable reunion?

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