Frocktober Day 29, Dress 29

Please note: this post was originally published on 29 October 2014. Donations have since closed.

Frock Stars, I don’t presume to speak for you but personally I feel like we’ve formed a strong bond over these past 29 days. We’ve built a frock foundation that’s taken us well beyond friendship. If indeed we have grown to be like family, perhaps it’s time I share with you a rare and precious heirloom from my younger years.

Today you find Oriana and me in the gentle embrace of an amazing orange objet d’art. Growing up, we called her “the egg chair” and what cracking good fun we had together. Scroll down to see a photographic re-creation of my childhood game of hide and seek.

Alas, when Oriana and I were reunited with the egg chair, it was distressing to no longer be able to roll up my little limbs and lounge inside her womb-like cocoon. Thank goodness Oriana brought some light to this dark day. Did I mention I’m not a fan of change? If change is as good as a holiday, then I’d rather be permanently at work.

Where were we? Oh yes, Oriana. Her family tree can be traced back to Target. You may remember meeting her cousins back on Day 17, Day 21 and Day 25. Oriana has a relaxed fit, thanks to her tie waist, side pockets and button-down front. She really is my ideal summer companion, given she’s so deliciously light and lovely.

I could use those same descriptors for you – my Frock Star family. You’ve been very generous in offering so much moral and financial support for my Frocktober fundraising. There are only three days left in this campaign. I hate to be a pain but I implore you to please click here to check out my tally and if you want to contribute, then don’t dilly dally.



What childhood possession do you still love to bits? Can I egg you on to share its story?

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