Frocktober Day 30, Dress 30

Please note: this post was originally published on 30 October 2014. Donations have since closed.

I’m feeling nostalgic, Frock Stars. What a wonderful 30 days it has been. When I hit publish on this post, my Frocktober fundraising tally was sitting at $868 but I can’t put a price on the support I’ve had this past month.

The most invaluable person is my patient, talented, kind and generous photographer whose sharp eye brought into focus my Frocktober dream. Shout-out to my other support crew of two who helped out too. Then there’s you, my Frock Star extraordinaires. How generous you’ve been in dishing out compliments and sweet words of encouragement. Friends, old and new, I doubt you could know how much I’ve appreciated your messages.

Before I forget, thanks to day 30’s lovely Loretta. She’s a relative newbie to my wardrobe and, you guessed it, she was thrifted. At $4.50 (the cost of a coffee) I snapped her up quicker than you can say “half-strength long black, cold milk, one sugar” (brace yourselves, that’s my real order).

I was initially tempted by Loretta’s mix of blue and green. Who said they should never be seen without a colour in between? Technically, Loretta does have a black trim if that counts as a contrast. Remarkably she’s one of the few wrap dresses that’s ever worked on me. Surely that’s cause for celebration, right?

Let’s keep the toasts going for Frocktober’s final days. You know the drill. Here’s my fundraising page. I’d be most grateful for any donations at this late stage.


What makes you nostalgic, Frock Stars?

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