Frocktober Day 31, Dress 31




Please note: this post was originally published on 31 October 2014. Donations have since closed.

Frock Stars, we did it. 31 dresses in 31 days. So let’s recap, shall we?

For the entire month of October, I was all frocked up and had somewhere to go. I was raising funds for the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation and especially their work towards the development of an early detection test for the disease.

At last count, my frock rack had racked up a grand. Isn’t that grand? As well as vital funds for a great cause, Frocktober gave me cause to pause. Here’s 31 things I learned from 31 days wearing 31 dresses.

1. When you ask your best friend to photograph you EVERY SINGLE DAY for 31 days, you know she’s a keeper when she happily snaps to it day after day after day after day.

2. Me and my jeans need not be exclusive. It’s healthy for both of us to see other people.

3. There are flowers in my attic. Seriously. Turns out, I was stashing a bunch of beautiful vintage frocks up there.

4. I don’t have a leg to stand on when it comes to my obsession with concealing my lily white legs. In 31 days, not one Frock Star pointed out my pale pins.

5. Frocks are not high maintenance. I won’t skirt around the issue. Prior to Frocktober, I had convinced myself that pants were preferable because frocks require too much faffing. The opposite is true. Trousers have to be teamed with tops and belts and other bits and bobs but a frock is off the hanger and out the door.

6. Just because a frock costs a fiver, it doesn’t mean I have to have it. Failure to apply this logic has led to the installation of a pretty impressive floor-robe.

7. “Will you accept this frock?”…I want next year’s Bachie to swap the garden gear for gowns. Who’s with me?

8. Don’t dress to impress. Frock to rock.

9. Check the tags, people. Frocks can be fastidious about dry cleaning. Trust me. Been there. Steamed that.

10. Hosiery is everything. A wardrobe staple can be turned into a full degustation with some carefully chosen coloured tights or fishnets.

11. No frock is an island. Mix it up with jackets, jewellery and, heck, a full jazz band if that’s your jive. I’ve had such fun transforming ole faithfuls into thoroughly modern Millies.

12. Repeat after me “a bulldog clip maketh the selfie”. If your thrifted threads are a bit too big, grab yourself a bulldog clip, bunch the back of the fabric and, voila, you’re ready for your close-up.

13. Frocks are contagious. Around week two, I noticed colleagues and friends dipping into their back catalogues and donning a dress for a day or two. Nothing says sisterhood more than a bit of frock bonding.

14. Frocks are fabulously trans-seasonal. Tights will get you through winter chills and a mini offers maxi coolness in summer.

15. Keep your wedding dress. Yes, that’s an order. Nothing means more than a hand me down gown.

16. Play favourites. After all, not all frocks are created equal.

17. A frock is NEVER inappropriate attire. Over the past 31 days I’ve danced, dated, swum, sung, ate and baked in frocks. No occasion is off limits for the right frock.

18. To the woman who told me she “only had two dresses”…stand by for my call. Help is on its way.

19. Looking for a hobby? I’ve got you stitched up. Whipping up a frock is sew easy.

20. I need more shoes. So many frocks, so few stilettos. To the person who suggested “Shoe-vember”…walk this way.

21. Wind can be troublesome. Care for a weighted hem, my lady?

22. Frocks are timeless. Age is no barrier to embracing your inner Frock Star.

23. Attention: mothers with daughters. Please dress in matching frocks. I heart a junior and senior frock rock.

24. If hanging space is tight, use all your might to origami fold your frocks and store them in the sock draw.

25. I am gluttonous. I have way more than a I need. (See, I went deep there).

26. Frocks and fascinators aren’t just for spring carnivals. I beg you, let’s ride that carousel all year.

27. Aussie designers rock a fabulous frock.

28. Christmas, Easter, birthdays, house warmings…a frock is a feel-good gift for any occasion (especially in October).

29. Bridesmaids’ dresses are not frocks. They are friendship destroyers.

30. Never underestimate the kindness of strangers. Thank you to everyone who popped up in my feed. You wore the trousers in this relationship and together we frocked till we dropped.

31. I have more than 31 dresses.


A snapshot of some of the frocks I featured in Frocktober 2014

You’ve seen my wardrobe. Now it’s over to you. I’d love to hear about your favourite frocks.

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