Lost and found

Have you heard, I’ve got a herd?

To be clear, it was never my intention to become a cow collector, just as it was never my intention to buy three pairs of the same boots (but my hoofs are a story for another day).

Back to the herd…it all started with a caramel coloured milk jug (let’s call her Daisy). Instantly, I was picturing yours truly in an art deco apartment hosting high tea surrounded by freshly baked scones and plungers of piping hot coffee. Naturally, my guests and I would be suitably dressed in outfits that screamed shabby chic and effortless boho. Occasionally we’d throw our heads back guffawing at some gaffe Kent had made, as Priscila and Victoria tended to Nicholas who, of course, was dressed like Little Lord Fauntleroy. But I digress…

I bought Daisy at a Sunday market en route to work. Yep, back then I was working seven days a week and had about as much chance of hosting a high tea as Daisy producing her own milk.

Fast forward to multiple moves and somehow Daisy went missing in transit. Other markets came my way, so too a series of replacement cows. I ended up with lots of dairy but no Daisy.

Then last week she magically reappeared. Her little caramel snout poked its way through some tissue paper and, bless her, I do believe she’s looking even lovelier than when we first met. Perhaps that’s thanks to a spell in greener pastures.

Best of all, I’ve now got time to host that tea party.

As it turns out, the cows have finally come home and so have I.

What possession have you lost and found recently?



  • That is funny. A long time ago I went through a phase of collecting little bits of bric-a-brac from op shops because I had visited a friend of a friend who had an arty apartment with all sorts of bits and pieces casually placed into vignettes, and I fancied that i could do that too. Well, an interior decorator I am definitely not, so I ended up with a heap of crap that just looked cluttered.

    • Reply April 28, 2015


      Oh Gael, I had a good chuckle at your comment. I know precisely what you mean. It’s like those gals who tie long hair in a loose ponytail and look uber glamorous. I try it and look like I’ve been through a wind storm! Thanks for stopping by.

  • Reply April 28, 2015

    Renee Wilson

    So cute! I love them. I haven’t exactly lost and found anything lately, but my Dad brought a box around recently which was full of old card and letters of mine. Quite a few good laughs in there!!

    • Reply April 28, 2015


      Oh Renee, I bet you’ve been doing some reminiscing with that box of treasures. We found something similar recently and it was quite lovely to look back on my childhood handwriting (in pencil of course). x

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