My summer warm up


The way I see it, you’re either a winter person or a summer person. Here are some clues as to which camp yours truly belongs. (1) As soon as it’s time to get out of cardies, I slip right into a mood. (2) My favourite holiday was a couple of weeks in Iceland. Are we getting warmer? Let’s hope not.

I’m a winter person. So as we drift closer and closer to summer, I’m starting to sweat. Actually I tend to sweat the small stuff, like air con. As the Christmas catch ups roll ’round, I’m a definite no show if there’s no air con. Call me a precious flower (albeit a wilting one) but I can’t manage to mingle when I’m desperately trying to keep one limb attached to the esky or fridge freezer.

I do wonder if my internal temperature is set a bit higher than most. Whilst you may enjoy a summer barbie, I’m that gal fashioning a fan out of a coaster. If that won’t cut it, I’ll reluctantly forego my giant sun hat and agitate it until I’m not so agitated.

During the summer holidays I swap the four food groups for my four favourite liquids…slurpies, slushies, smoothies and an ice tea will do me. Sugar and ice lead to all things nice…in my summer world at least.

Next month, like last December and virtually every December past, I’ll be pulling out all the stops to recreate a white Christmas in another sweltering Australian summer. Cue arctic air con, a pair of uggies and, of course, a cardie.

Are you a winter person or a summer person?

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